Digital Mailroom

Our Digital Mailroom solution is designed to eliminate the handling of inbound paper, email, fax and web communications.

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Data Capture

Whether information needs to be captured from paper, image, online, email or direct to customer systems, DDC OS has the solution.

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Multimedia Response Handling

We provide a complete multimedia BPO solution to manage campaign response handling.

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Customer Acquisition

DDC OS Customer Acquisition Solution can entail any aspect of inbound or outbound dialling.

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Welcome to DDC Outsourcing Solutions

We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce our company.

Our team at DDC OS has been developing and delivering business critical information management and data capture solutions since 1987. Our decades of experience combined with the best tried and tested technology, means that we deliver transformational solutions to our clients.

Knowing that each customer is unique, our approach is consultative and tailored to your needs, creating a true partnership approach. We take time to get to know your business, and take all considerations into account before blending the right services together to make a solution that is tailored specifically for you. Our experience across multiple sectors and industries has led us to revel in complexity and high volume.

Whether it is our digital mailroom solutions, customer acquisition, multimedia response handling or accounts payable processing, our goal is to deliver robust, quality-driven processes that deliver benefits and improvements for you in cost-efficiency, compliance, internal lead time, customer communication handling and paper elimination. Examples of other services we offer include document scanning, data capture and many BPO solutions.

Look who we have worked with:

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